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FEMA Certificates 2

FEMA IS-019 certificate

FEMA IS-019: Equal Employment Opportunities for Surpervisors (6/11/10)

FEMA IS-027: Orientation to FEMA Logistics (6/28/11)

FEMA IS-033: FEMA Initital Ethics Orientation (6/09/10)

FEMA IS-035.10: FEMA Safety Orientation 2010 (11/10/10)

FEMA IS-106: Workplace Violence Awareness Training (6/09/10)

FEMA IS-107.10: FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations 2010 (10/12/10)

FEMA IS-120: An Introduction to Exercises (10/19/10)

FEMA IS-130: Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning (10/20/10)

FMEA IS-139 Cetificate

FEMA IS-139: Exercise Design (10/07/10)

FEMA IS-197.EM: Functional Needs Planning Considerations for Emergency Management (11/30/10)

FEMA IS-197.SP: Functional Needs Planning Considerations for Service and Support Providers (11/30/10)

FEMA IS-208: State Disaster Management (11/30/10)

FEMA IS-240: Leadership and Influence (10/01/10)

FEMA IS-241: Decision Making and Problem Solving (10/04/10)

FEMA IS-244: Developing and Managing Volunteers (10/06/10)

FEMA IS-253: Coordinating Enviornmental & Historic Preservation Compliance (12/01/10)