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Photo & Video Links


Online training at CANON.COM that focuses on the features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Web link

Online training at CREATIVECOW.NET, a peer-to-peer support community for media production professionals. Web link:

Online training by ANDREW DEVIS at The training by Andrew Devis focuses primarily on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Web link:

DEKE'S TECHNIQUES, a blog hosted by Deke McClelland, world-famous author of over 80 books on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Deke McClelland is a senior trainer at and author and host of the popular "One-on-One" series of Photoshop training courses. Web link:

Online training and video software and products at DIGITALJUCIE.COM. Web link:

Online training at LYNDA.COM, a premier provider of online training for popular software applications. With a selection of 1,415 courses and 80,000 tutorials, is the preeminent provider of online software training in the world. Web link:

National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Web link:

Online training at REDGIANTSOFTWARE.COM. Web link:

Online training at VIDEO2BRAIN.COM. Web link:


Website of Adobe Evangelist RUSSELL BROWN. Web link:

Blog for Adobe Evangelist TODD KOPRIVA. Web link:

Blog for Adobe Evangelist JULIEANNE KOST. Web link:

Online video training by Adobe Evangelist JASON LEVINE. Web link:

Technical blog for Adobe Evangelist JOHN NACK. Web link:

Video blog for "On the Road" Adobe Evangelist KARL SOULE. Web link:

Tech blog for Adobe Evangelist TERRY WHITE. Web link:

Online training at ADOBE TV. Web link: